Guides To Composting

A typography project consisting of an informational poster and a double-sided pamphlet for various methods of composting. I was limited to only using typographic forms to create any imagery beyond basic containers, so I opted to recreate organic components of compost using italic glyphs and symbols. In the process, the poster lost the structure of the colored rectangle on the left in favor of a more open composition with a vertical axis, though ultimately the structure returned in a more extreme form.

Initial drafts. The dark rectangular column on the left was to evoke compost, but the idea evolved so that the whole expanse of the poster would do that instead.

The pamphlet was designed based on the finished poster, so it was a lot easier. That said, I was very intent on making use of a rectangular column in this piece of media, especially because it was a lot more appropriate to use in this context. Ultimately, it was worked in rather subtly instead.