Economy of Means: The Changing Face of Typographic Design

A series of square posters forThe Changing Face of Typographic Design, an event highlighting a different typeface each week. Restrictions on the series were that posters would be overprinted on the poster from the week before, and that only three spot colors would be used. Initially, i was going to choose typefaces with regular latin alphabet glyphs, but ultimately I decided to make the whimsical and graphic dingbat faces my focus for this project. The change of content from the ornamental Zapf Dingbats to the practical forms of Wingdings, to the more elaborate Webdings, felt surprisingly relevant to the subject matter as well.

I took a bold and busy approach to presenting the glyphs, crowding each poster with glyphs that represent each typeface well. Elements were placed on a 12x12 grid, and although the explosion of glyphs in each poster, the important text elements (title, date, location, etc.) are placed along paths, implying the progression of time between each lecture.

Rough sketches. I was already playing with the idea of featuring symbols over latin glyphs.

Initial draft. All three poster layers received a similar treatment to poster 3, to keep transitions between posters more consistent and strengthen individual poster images. Poster 1 felt too clean compared to the other two posters at this stage, so this was remedied with a separate layer in poster 2’s color to start introducing other colors and soften the impact of the transition from poster 1 to 2.